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When doing the best you can isn’t actually your best. . .

I am so proud to announce our new-and-improved Adventure Matters lesson and Design Your Own Adventure book. When putting finishing touches on our 3-6 grade un-curricula I was in a bit of a rush because I promised to get them in your hands on time.  We did it, but I was not at all satisfied with the quick-sketch images that were the best I could do under the time constraint for our Matter Matters story books.  I just spent several blissful volunteer weeks in my studio creating 33 spanking-new and, I dare say, intriguing and captivating illustrations that will jump-start your kids’ own artistic creativity and scientific wonder. Here’s a sneak peak at some drawings hot off the scanner!

Why Design Their Own Adventure?

The Matter Matters book allows kids to choose over-and-over their own adventures for Spark, a wee bit of matter, that travels from as close as your kids’ lungs to as far as another planet and to as thrilling locations as a hammerhead shark’s gills.  Even better are the full size pages you can copy that give tons of space for your students to draw and write their own imaginative twists of fate for Spark! Ultimately your kids get to use wild creativity to model the never-ending cycling of matter through ecosystems.

If you ordered a 3-5th grade Biodiversity PEEK STEAM kit from us please contact me via our website contact form before October 1st with the subject line “Adventure Matters” and I will mail to you a free copy of the new booklet and e-mail to you the new-improved lesson!  See… it pays to read my blog posts.  ; )

Check out our website for lessons and tool kits that help you and your kids have your own marvelous adventures outside!

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