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Free Lesson Plan and e-Book
Our Gift To You 
Our Design-Your-Own-Adventure -
Interactive e-Book & Ecosystem Lesson - adaptable for all ages!

In this STEM and STEAM lesson plan, students explore how matter cycles through their ecosystem and how organisms get what they need to live. They follow the never-ending life of Spark, one tiny bit of matter, who leaves their own lungs and enters other life as close as a tree overhead to as far as a shark in the deep sea or the atmosphere of another planet!   With each reading, your students make new choices and have new adventures that inspire kindness for all forms of life.   Best of all, your kids use our imagination-kindling Student Sheets to design their own new adventures for Spark!

  • My school doesn’t have any wild plants or animals nearby. Can we still participate?
    Absolutely! You’ll probably want to dive right into the Biodiversity Assessment and Challenge lessons so the kids can start their own project(s) to increase, observe and measure more wild plant and animals at your site.
  • Why is Biodiversity PEEK so inexpensive?
    We are not company, we are part of the nonprofit organization The Biodiversity Group. We're not here to make profit, we're here to serve the community, and provide our program to as many kids as possible.
  • I would like to participate, but I have to spend too much time meeting state or national standards. How can I make PEEK work when I’m spending so much time on what is mandated?"
    This is one of those two birds with one stone type of dealies. It’s exactly why we created the lessons!
  • Isn’t it dangerous to have kids go outside with things like snakes and thorny trees?
    It could be, like anything. But, won’t they ultimately be safer by knowing more about the local plants and animals they are likely to encounter?
  • What if we don’t have money for special supplies?
    All the lessons, except one (SunPrints) uses supplies that you’ll probably find already at home or in your classroom. Lots of stuff actually comes right from the recycling!
  • We have special needs kids in our classes. Can they participate?
    Absolutely. The activities are readily adaptable to all abilities.
  • Do we need to have cameras to participate?
    Not at all. But they do help with some data sharing. If you have some smart phones you are all set.
  • What kind of computer access do we need?
    Ideally, one computer with internet access for every two kids should be available at several points throughout the program. However, the program is flexible enough that you can have one computer for every 4 kids, and they can alternate using them.
  • We can’t afford the program. How can we raise funds to buy it? Are there grants to apply to?
    Yes, many schools write grants for such STEM/STEAM enrichment programs designed to get kids back outside.
  • I have a different question. How can I get in touch with you?
    Sure thing! Just click here.

A Free Lesson for All Ages

To receive our free Biodiversity PEEK STEAM lesson that includes a lesson plan and supplemental materials, please sign up and connect with us below.  We promise not to spam you…UHG!…we hate that… but we will send you an occasional message with something else you can use with your kids.

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