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What I Did This Summer at No Pants Ranch

Student Work: SeaLife Applique Quilt Project - Lace Fish Detail

Yes, our land-based, vacation-rental home (take a tour) in the Tucson Mountains is locally known as No Pants Ranch and there is a crazy back story on the name. And, yes, it’s been such an infernal and dry summer here that pants have been optional at best. And, of course, like lots of folks in these Covid-times we got ourselves butt deep in a bunch of home improvement projects. But the big take-down tackle this summer is something I’m so proud of, and that I think many of you will find useful, that I’m sharing it here. Drum roll, please . . .

I’m pleased to say that what Paul and I did this summer while cowering in the A/C was done for the love of biodiversity and kids. We improved our environmental STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math) elementary school projects and lessons so that more parents, teachers, and kids around the world can get outside doing real, relevant, backyard citizen-science. We made it super accessible by going digital (Thanks to Paul for not committing spousicide . . . shouldn’t that be a word?), more environmentally friendly by using almost entirely on-hand and up-cycled supplies, more supportive of folks new to hands-on STEAM, and more easy to teach as schools and parents do the Covid-bounce between home and school. I am super pleased to announce our new and hope you’ll check it out and share it with parents and teachers you know so we can grow a generation of young people in love with all life.

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