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Do You Give A Flying **** About Biodiversity?

Well then here’s your chance to show it in a cheeky and bio-geeky way!  I designed this brave new tee-shirt for you and our conservation science organization, The Biodiversity Group, the non-profit that brings you Biodiversity PEEK STEAM!  Will you wear my Flying version of our sneaky, animal sex, “I Give A . . . About Biodiversity” series of tanks and tees?  Here it is with genus and species name and artist signature hidden inside:

You want one, don’t ya?  Here’s How To Order:

Absolutely all proceeds from this shirt go directly as a donation to the citizen science work of The Biodiversity Group.  They are available at this Etsy link via Nathalie Aall, our artist-in-residence and generous volunteer. She has helped prep, pack, and post countless Biodiversity PEEK STEAM kits the past couple years and she found a groovy Tucson-local print shop (Tanline) to silkscreen a very limited edition of these gutsy tees.  If you’re not brave enough to sport one yourself, I bet there’s someone on your gift list who is! Oh…and you’ll see last year’s Desert Tortoise themed I Give A …. About Biodiversity tee that Nathalie designed at the same link.  If you want one of these as well, no worries, all proceeds from them also go straight to The Biodiversity Group and our conservation science work!

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