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Sailing For Science Is No Breeze!

When my hubby, Paul, and I met about ten years ago I fell for him on our first hiking date for two reasons: 1. He hypnotized a tree lizard on my knee. (Reason enough right there, really) and 2. We both had a longing to get involved in science for conservation in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez… the wild finger of water pointing up into Sonoran Desert. Ten years later and we’re finally at work on the sailing research vessel known as This Side Up. Most days have been looking something like the photo below in which Paul is being pulled by the forces of gravity into the floor of the galley as he tries to fix our water maker and is hanging on by one once-broken and now crooked but strong toe.

We’re just learning the ropes (literally) and I have so much fear and anxiety to bust through.  But helping other researchers collect data on understudied and imperiled life in and around the sea and sharing Biodiversity PEEK experiences with local folks and other sailors will make all the stress and anxiety worth it.  Happy Anniversary Paul. We will survive this!  And, thankfully, some days do look more like this:

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